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Case Report

CNS Aspergilloma with associated mucormycosis presenting in a patient with AML: A case report and review of current literature

Volume : 2 Issue : 5

Corresponding Author: Suma Sri Chennapragada
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

Research Article

Incidence of acute kidney injury and its contributing factors among patients of critical care unit.

Volume : 2 Issue : 5

Corresponding Author: Uma Rani Adhikari
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

Case Report

The role of urgent BRAF testing and therapy in cardiac melanoma presenting with cardiovascular compromise.

Volume : 2 Issue : 5

Corresponding Author: H Winter
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

Short review

The Potential Role of the Multi-faceted Properties of Cholesterol Lowering Agents in the Management of the Dreaded Pandemic of Covid-19

Volume : 2 Issue : 5

Corresponding Author: Dr Amit Sharma
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

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