Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Roles and Responsibilities

At Acquaint, we sincerely value the hard work of reviewers for improving the quality of submitted articles through a peer-review process and thereby increasing journals standards and enabling our platform to take part in a praiseworthy role in contributing to intellectual literature. We believe that your idealistic thoughts improve the scientific quality of articles to be published. As an appreciation, we acknowledge and certify the reviewer certificate for your efforts in getting the quality article to the scientific society. Due to their continuous support and involvement Acquaint has been able to publish valuable content in as many as 25 journals.

Editorial Board members can choose the reviewer based on the expertise within the scope of the article; and its reviewer's decision to accept the invitation based on their feasibility. Any delay in completing the review of the manuscript within the scheduled time information should be given to the editorial coordinator.

Code of conduct

Reviewers must stay fair, impartial and withhold bias in judgment and projected to take steps conscientiously in providing constructive analysis, which the authors should find support in addressing whichever issues with the manuscript.

Conflicts of interest

State any contradictory or competing interests that will impact your review of a manuscript. Inform the editorial board immediately and decline yourself from the request to review if necessary.

Decision making

Reviewers can make their decision and should be informed by the scientific merit of a manuscript in any of the aspects like to [Accept, Minor revision, Major revision, Reject]. Include comments with your final decision and spell out any additional requirements or revisions you expect from the authors.

Final decision

The Editor-in-Chief has the ultimate state in deciding whether an article should be published. The EIC will take your comments into account while judging the suitability and originality of a manuscript. You must respect the decision made by EIC.


Acquaint publications are following double-blind peer-review standards, reviewers must not attempt to make any contact with the author and maintain anonymity. You must keep the manuscripts confidential, do not share any relevant file or data with anyone outside the review team.

Reviewer benefits

We do not pay reviewers, but we do provide benefits to our reviewers which credits to their accomplishments. We are immeasurably grateful to our reviewers, which is why we make sure to recognize their hard work and extend due credit to make sure their service is recognized among research communities.

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