Articles in press

Case Report

A Case of Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole-induced Hepatitis

Volume : 2 Issue : 4

Corresponding Author: Oluyemisi Amoda
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

Research Article

Management of acute diverticulitis in Covid 19 times. Our experience.

Volume : 2 Issue : 4

Corresponding Author: Ana Quiroga-Valcárcel
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

Case Report

Traumatic fibroma of the tongue –A treatment modality study

Volume : 2 Issue : 4

Corresponding Author: V. S. Sakthivel
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

Case Report

Atypical Presentation of Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Frightening Hallucinations Coinciding with Hypertensive Urgency

Volume : 2 Issue : 4

Corresponding Author: Amanda M. Warren
Journal of Medical Case Reports and Case Series ( ISSN 2692-9880 )

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